Saturday, July 1, 2023

Dealing in Fear, Finding Ways to Win, Let's Begin

Dealing in Fear and Finding Ways to Win

A blog post and actual life story about defeating fear with a few small life wins.

How have I battled fear, and stress in my life? Fear isn’t just bad, and I’ll explain this point a little later in this post. As I look back I see how playing sports really helped me fight fear, and stress. Growing up I played sports in grade school, junior high school, high school and college. Grade school, and junior high school were split up, grade school ended at seventh grade, and high school started at eighth grade. In grade school I played little league, in junior high school I ran track, played basketball, wrestled, and played football, in high school I ran cross country, and wrestled, and in college I learned taekwondo, and I fought in a college sponsored event called a poomsae. Staying active is good for your health, and now that I’m older my sports are working, and making a living. While I may not be trying to be the first across the finish line or get a win from the three point line, I do stay active and work towards enjoying my time.

By the time I was twelve both of my parents were gone. My mother passed away from breast cancer, and my father was gone before my fifth birthday. My father may still be alive, I just don't know. I'm certain I went into a type of shock, stress and fear at a fairly young age in life; nevertheless, I had to gather myself, and face my fears, fear of not knowing were I was going to live, fear of not having parents, and fear of my life. Soon after my mother died I became a California ward of the court, and had it not been for family members willing to take me in I would have been sent off to the foster care system. I now look back and see I had some wins as I battled through my early life fears, and stress. A big win for me was having family members who were willing to take me, and if they didn't step in to help I may not be writing this blog post. Finding and getting a win when possible can help defeat fear, and deal with stress. I didn't turn to drugs or alcohol, I turned towards sports, working out, and competition, and yes for me participation was a win. I'm thankful to have been able to get some wins just for being healthy, able to participate, and showing up. I didn't mess with drugs because I watched my mother pass away from breast cancer within a year or so of her cancer prognosis and treatment. During her battle with caner she was hopped up on all kinds of prescribed medication to deal with chemo therapy treatments, and breast removal procedure, and none of it saved her. I didn't see my wins at the time, but developing a healthy fear of drugs was an actual win for me. As I mentioned in the beginning of this post, fear isn't always bad. Fear is a built in survival mechanism, and it kicks us into fight or flight mode when we need it, so fear does serve a purpose, but constant, perpetual, and prolonged conditions of fear are unhealthy. I also think fear, and stress can be dealt with in a natural and organic way. Things like great nutrition, proper rest, and a variety of activities can be helpful with combating fear, and stress. A quick note about weed. I know weed is not for me; nevertheless, I do think weed used for medicinal purposes may be helpful to those who may need it, and a it may also be a useful alternative to prescription drugs or other prescribed medicines. After witnessing my mothers health decline, and eventual death I think an alternative medical treatment with medical weed may have helped her more than prescription drugs did. I personally stay away from weed, and its derivatives, and I do my best to live my life accordingly. A few wins in life, big wins, or small wins over time can help defeat fear and deal with stress, get those wins.

Somehow I made it to college and while in college I really prioritized parties and drinking. I was a functional drunk, social drunk and party drunk from college until my son was born. I was in my early thirties when my son was born so lets call it a good ten years of college, drinking, partying, marriage, and work. I've never been drunk on a job, or at work; however, after work and social events I went full tilt with alcohol. So from college through my early married years till my son came along was a solid ten to twelve years. Long story short, a single event caused me to count my blessings and give up alcohol cold turkey, and I never looked back. I'll save that single event for another post, and I'm thankful to live to tell about it. I most certainly consider giving up alcohol a win. However, I do reserve a special day of thanks when I have a little something, and only if my day is completely clear, no holiday on call, no emergency on call, no work, no nothing, and usually this day of thanks is that kind of day other than that I'm good. At this point in life I'd rather drink an ice cold glass of milk, water, coffee, tea, or a carbonated mineral water, and even an occasional soda, no more alcohol and that's a win for me. To finish this on a winning note, I thank you for reading this far and would like to invite you to bring yourself back to read my future posts and stack those wins.

Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Undeniable, Undefiable and Totally Appliable

A quick thought on built in simplicity.

Many may ask. What does the title have to do with what is being written in this short post? If you are asking such a question, great, you're asking a question. Some time ago in my not so far away past, I remember a song about being a simple kind of man. Simple kinda man, is my kinda song. It's a song reminding me of one of mans allegedly simple yet an often daunting task. A song resonating with trials and emphasising substance for our mission as males, a mission of finding a suitable female wife or as sripture says, a helpmeet. The song inspires and conveys a sense of great importance to what may be considered one of mans many challenges throughout life. A challenge of finding a wife to love and care fore, and build a family together. I personally believe this is still a males single greatest task while on earth, and to expand on what simple kinda man suggests, I'd simply add what scripture suggests, and scripture suggests to be fruitful and multiply.

Thursday, April 6, 2023

Electric Cars, Gas Cars and Energy Bars

I shared this video ahead of my write up as a reminder of some thoughts and ideas it inspired. Upon first impression, I like their approach. It makes sense to evaluate markets and geographical areas to see what resources are available. Depending on what is discovered, applying strategies for the use of available resources may also assist with investment in and development of communities and surrounding areas. It may also be revelatory to have a good awareness of geographical yields in raw materials, energy stability, labor skills, labor trades and educational standards. As far as modern living goes, we can look back and see societal contributions of energy sources such as coal, oil and gas. We could surely debate on pluses and minuses; nevertheless, data can be examined independently and evaluated. While we have electric cars today, I personally don't think we should be so quick to abandon older tech that has brought us this far. Going forward, I do think internal combustion engines will get to show their greater potential for viability and longevity. Energy is all around, it isn't this or that, it's not a one size fits all solution. We look to energy for stability, availabilty, versatility, practicality, and its repeatability for our benefit. It's almost like government; it doesn't have to be red team or blue team, Democrat or Republican. In likeness to different forms of energy working towards mutual benefit, people from various walks of life will likely be needed to work within a framework of government without abandoning the old framework. Scripture tells us, blessed are the peacemakers, not warmongers. Many regions accross earth have vast capabilities. Can we use our energies to effect positive mutual benefit within our regions and beyond?

Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Variable Economic Environment

Variable Economic Environment

A short concept of government and economy in America.

Any form of government may be considered a type of centralized power. However, The united States form of governance is purposefully framed for a standard of separated powers and decentralized power through checks and balances. How can powers be kept in check? Power may be regulated through a form of government with checks and balances. Within a framework for separation of powers, there exists a type of accountable governance called accountability. Responsibly governing through individual accountability, asking questions and challenging broader group thought. Checks and balances provide forums to explore variables, debate, decide and act peaceably.

One might consider the USA an example of a land with a functional core framework of a variable economic environment of ideas, politics, education, sport, competition, business, religion, morals, ethics, laws and much more. The United States of America produces businesses, communities, and economies which continue to survive through cultural, political, and environmental fluctuations. Economic productivity wins markets. Economic stability allows for ongoing business operations while supporting education, training, jobs, careers and overall development, generation after generation. Foundational business practices of labor, planning, budgeting, cost oversight, and continuous improvement contribute to economic stability. Disciplined and routine evaluation bring a broader scope into focus. Think about business structure, or as I've recently overheard in the news, "think about what you'd think about." How will a business operate with a positive or negative cash flow? Can a business sustain ongoing operations over a long period of time? Can a business produce for its end users, customers, employees, and local economies? Will a business set goals for future improvement and reinvestment? A business will likely focus on short-term cash flows, long-term operational cost, and lets remember some goodwill. Part of business operations should be able to evaluate variables, examining economic data, and peaceably act to improve its overall economy and promote goodwill.

I’d like to think the united States of America is a testament to a given national framework of governance which enables laws, limits government and encourages its people, citizens and inhabitants to achieve and accomplish their goals. A nation established with liberty, laws, freedoms, positive industry, productivity, creativity, and goodwill. Within the framework of the united States of America exists a lawful system of governance bringing forward an invitation to think freely and critically, express thought, debate and discuss, and to govern responsibly. The Constitution for the United States of America and it’s supporting documents are often considered a framework named the law of the land and America should keep debating, discussing, questioning and working towards peaceable resolution for its variable economic environment.

Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Go Joes Go

Go Joes Go Go Joe

Back in the 80’s. A time not so long ago I lived in a decade known as the 80’s. Yes a time of tape cassette decks, record players and Saturday morning cartoons. Thinking and asking yourself, “Saturday morning cartoons.” Yes, cartoons on Saturday mornings. I think the format is still around, but it’s not exactly the same. Programming is moving into streaming. I think the streaming fees are a little high, but it’s quickly becoming expensive for most of us. Back to the topic. This post isn’t all about the 80’s. Writing all about the 80’s would require volumes, upon volumes of writing. I’m writing this post because Electrovicity is selling a new collectible of a classic cartoon known as GI Joe. A cartoon where good guys fight the bad guys. In the cartoon, good guys do what good guys do. Good guys stand up, fight back, defend their territory, and stop bad guys. The bad guys are always doing what bad guys do plotting and scheming to do bad stuff. The Joes battle against Cobra Commander and Destro, and all of Cobra’s overlords, and underlings. Joes are a highly skilled, well trained, highly motivated and extremely dedicated team of good guys fighting against Cobra’s schemes.

Growing up in the 80’s. I know there was more to growing up in the 80’s than cartoons and playing GI Joe. We got a load of great movies back in tha day. As kids we played in our neighborhood with friends from just a few houses up the street and around the block. We would get out and play in our front yards, backyards, school yard, local park and in the street. We would build forts out of dirt, branches, grass and whatever was around us. Once we got all that done the real action started. We’d re-enact scenes from the latest episode of GI Joe or just make stuff up and play till the sun went down. Our play time was a time of friendship, laughter and just being ourselves.

Back then we could order stuff by mail through a paper catalog. We didn’t have Amazon. Ordering through a paper catalog was a manual version of the stuff we do on the web today. Ordering something through the mail is not something we did all the time, but mom came through on this one. I think the price was like fifteen dollars plus postage. I remember my mom used a check or maybe it was a money order to pay. We filled out the order form, and put the order in an envelope. Then I walked to a mail box down the street, put the envelope in the mail box and off my order went. It seemed like it took a month or two for delivery. Kinda slow by todays standards. When I got my order, I was excited, I yelled out loud,“Goooo Joe.”

GI Joe is on the big screen now and has a few movies out with a new movie on the way. There are lots of characters within the series and Electrovicity is selling some Cobra foot soldier collectibles. The Cobra foot soldier collectible features a few removable parts like helmet and accessories. These are newly released premium grade collectibles. They are well detailed and of good quality, easily displayable and configurable. If you're a collector of 80’s memorabilia or you’re building a new GI Joe collection you’re gonna like these new Cobra foot soldier collectibles. Please like, share, subscribe and comment.

Sunday, May 23, 2021

Build Your Project

Build Your Project


What is BYP? The answer is, Build Your Project. Let’s face it, not everyone is going to take on projects by themselves, but there are many people who take on projects from changing their motor oil, to painting a house, to building and designing something and much more. There are always going to be benefits and drawbacks when projects are tackled. Increase the benefits and decrease the drawbacks by doing some essential homework, preparation, and planning. It’s certainly a challenge. Are you up for a challenge?

Let’s talk meat and potatoes. Firstly, try not to just jump right in. Remember, let’s do some homework. Let's do some preparation and planning. Try to start off  by setting a budget. Even if you have a no budget type limit, set a budget. Even if the budget isn’t funded, set a budget. Setting a budget can help better understand how time and money will be spent. Setting a dollar cost to a budget is a good initial first step. I’ll share a short story about dollar cost budget setting. I learned this at a young age, but never really understood its value till much later in life. Mom worked nights and took care of my older sister and me. Mom was tough, but in a good way. Mom wanted to take us on a vacation to Disneyland. So she did some homework. She asked some questions. How much is going to Disneyland going to cost? She set her dollar cost budget? She worked and funded her budget? She took us to Disneyland. We had fun at Disneyland. Complex stuff made simple. Budget setting is a good tool in any decision making process. Setting budgets can certainly get more technical, but for now let’s keep things simple.

What does setting a budget look like? These are the kinds of questions I’d start asking once I’ve set a dollar amount to my budget. How much material will I need to build my project? What kinds of material will I need to build my project? How much time will the project take? How much time can I invest in the project? DO I need training? Do I need to build a new skill? Can I complete the project solo? Will I need to hire help? As I start answering these questions and I do the homework I start to better understand the size and scope of the project. After doing some homework I might discover I’ve set an unrealistic budget.  By asking and answering questions I can start to see how I can accomplish and complete the project by either making adjustments to fit the budget or adjusting the budget or finding other solutions. The homework and planning process is a time which will lead to some decisions. Yes, I’m going to do this or I should probably hire a pro or something in between. 

Why BYP (build your project)? Well after doing some homework we now have some information on what to expect. Maybe our BYP is just the planning phase and we hire a licensed general contractor for the project. I’m calling the homework phase a win. Doing the homework may not make us an expert, but it will be helpful with understanding project building goals and ideas. A BYP may also be a consideration used for learning a new skill. A new skill is also a win in my book. If a new skill is learned and developed it could become employable. The BYP just became a new business or a new source of income, and a little more change in the pocket is another win. Many times over people take on new projects, build new skills, and find themselves able to employ their new skills, start new careers or start a business. Let those be some reasons to BYP.

Saturday, May 22, 2021

Small idea big idea

Small Idea Big Apple
Apple Computers started as a small scale adventure into computing and has become a tech industry leader. One of the many areas Apple Computers leads the way in tech is in its personal computers such as iMacs, MacBooks, iPads and iPhones. Those are just some of the hardware offerings. We're not going to dive too far into the Apple Computer domain in this write up. We're not even going to scratch the surface, we'll just review a bit and look back on a little history. The main goal is to share an example of something which started small and grew into something very big. Most folks today interface with an Apple Computer product. And Apple products are an industry standard from fit and finish, overall quality and ease of use. When did it all start?

Apple Computer was founded by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne in 1976. Steve Jobs attended Reed University and left early. Steve Wozniak had an Electrical Engineering background and designed both the Apple I and Apple II. Ronald Wayne was in the computer industry and served in an advisory role to both Jobs and Wozniak. Wayne was later bought out from his role in the company. To think all this started in a garage in and around what is today called Silicon Valley. Small beginnings with lofty goals. As Apple Computer progressed we've been introduced to some of the most innovative products in tech and not just the hardware but how we use the hardware. One of the earliest computers to use a GUI - Graphical User Interface, was called the Xerox Alto. The Xerox Alto became one of the first, if not the first all in one computer with a GUI. Although they were big and bulky it gave all those who experienced it an idea of
future computing.The GUI gives users an easy way to point and click, drag and drop, and even pinch and swipe. I'm not suggesting Apple developed the GUI solo; however, Apple did begin to apply cutting edge concepts to its operating systems and personal computers early on. Some of the concepts Apple brought to personal computing in its early Macintosh Computers were certainly inspired by the many types of technologies in the tech industry like the Xerox Alto. 
So we go from an idea of a computer being designed and built in a garage, to a computer the size of an iPhone and everything in between. Like I mentioned earlier we are not even going to scratch the surface and there is lots in between. Oh! And I haven't even mentioned the internet. Apple started small, kept building, kept innovating and kept growing. I remember going back to the Commodore 64 and a tape cassette drive. Commodore 64 was not an Apple Computer. Commodore 64 is command line entry and so were the early Apple computers. My first introduction to an Apple product was an Apple IIe with a Dot matrix printer. Then the Macintosh line of computers brought the GUI to life and most computing hasn't looked back. I remember having a Macintosh as a Senior in High School and using it for writing papers and essays. Later on, Apple introduced the iMac. The Bondi Blue iMac was designed with something new in mind. The iMac had internet capability and could surf the web or what was called the World Wide Web or internet. We use Apple Computer products in all varieties, and although we haven't even scratched the surface of Apple Computers within this write up, we've skimmed a bit. The main concept is that Apple certainly had a big idea, but started small.

Dealing in Fear, Finding Ways to Win, Let's Begin

Dealing in Fear and Finding Ways to Win A blog post and actual life ...