Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Go Joes Go

Go Joes Go Go Joe

Back in the 80’s. A time not so long ago I lived in a decade known as the 80’s. Yes a time of tape cassette decks, record players and Saturday morning cartoons. Thinking and asking yourself, “Saturday morning cartoons.” Yes, cartoons on Saturday mornings. I think the format is still around, but it’s not exactly the same. Programming is moving into streaming. I think the streaming fees are a little high, but it’s quickly becoming expensive for most of us. Back to the topic. This post isn’t all about the 80’s. Writing all about the 80’s would require volumes, upon volumes of writing. I’m writing this post because Electrovicity is selling a new collectible of a classic cartoon known as GI Joe. A cartoon where good guys fight the bad guys. In the cartoon, good guys do what good guys do. Good guys stand up, fight back, defend their territory, and stop bad guys. The bad guys are always doing what bad guys do plotting and scheming to do bad stuff. The Joes battle against Cobra Commander and Destro, and all of Cobra’s overlords, and underlings. Joes are a highly skilled, well trained, highly motivated and extremely dedicated team of good guys fighting against Cobra’s schemes.

Growing up in the 80’s. I know there was more to growing up in the 80’s than cartoons and playing GI Joe. We got a load of great movies back in tha day. As kids we played in our neighborhood with friends from just a few houses up the street and around the block. We would get out and play in our front yards, backyards, school yard, local park and in the street. We would build forts out of dirt, branches, grass and whatever was around us. Once we got all that done the real action started. We’d re-enact scenes from the latest episode of GI Joe or just make stuff up and play till the sun went down. Our play time was a time of friendship, laughter and just being ourselves.

Back then we could order stuff by mail through a paper catalog. We didn’t have Amazon. Ordering through a paper catalog was a manual version of the stuff we do on the web today. Ordering something through the mail is not something we did all the time, but mom came through on this one. I think the price was like fifteen dollars plus postage. I remember my mom used a check or maybe it was a money order to pay. We filled out the order form, and put the order in an envelope. Then I walked to a mail box down the street, put the envelope in the mail box and off my order went. It seemed like it took a month or two for delivery. Kinda slow by todays standards. When I got my order, I was excited, I yelled out loud,“Goooo Joe.”

GI Joe is on the big screen now and has a few movies out with a new movie on the way. There are lots of characters within the series and Electrovicity is selling some Cobra foot soldier collectibles. The Cobra foot soldier collectible features a few removable parts like helmet and accessories. These are newly released premium grade collectibles. They are well detailed and of good quality, easily displayable and configurable. If you're a collector of 80’s memorabilia or you’re building a new GI Joe collection you’re gonna like these new Cobra foot soldier collectibles. Please like, share, subscribe and comment.

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