Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Variable Economic Environment

Variable Economic Environment

A short concept of government and economy in America.

Any form of government may be considered a type of centralized power. However, The united States form of governance is purposefully framed for a standard of separated powers and decentralized power through checks and balances. How can powers be kept in check? Power may be regulated through a form of government with checks and balances. Within a framework for separation of powers, there exists a type of accountable governance called accountability. Responsibly governing through individual accountability, asking questions and challenging broader group thought. Checks and balances provide forums to explore variables, debate, decide and act peaceably.

One might consider the USA an example of a land with a functional core framework of a variable economic environment of ideas, politics, education, sport, competition, business, religion, morals, ethics, laws and much more. The United States of America produces businesses, communities, and economies which continue to survive through cultural, political, and environmental fluctuations. Economic productivity wins markets. Economic stability allows for ongoing business operations while supporting education, training, jobs, careers and overall development, generation after generation. Foundational business practices of labor, planning, budgeting, cost oversight, and continuous improvement contribute to economic stability. Disciplined and routine evaluation bring a broader scope into focus. Think about business structure, or as I've recently overheard in the news, "think about what you'd think about." How will a business operate with a positive or negative cash flow? Can a business sustain ongoing operations over a long period of time? Can a business produce for its end users, customers, employees, and local economies? Will a business set goals for future improvement and reinvestment? A business will likely focus on short-term cash flows, long-term operational cost, and lets remember some goodwill. Part of business operations should be able to evaluate variables, examining economic data, and peaceably act to improve its overall economy and promote goodwill.

I’d like to think the united States of America is a testament to a given national framework of governance which enables laws, limits government and encourages its people, citizens and inhabitants to achieve and accomplish their goals. A nation established with liberty, laws, freedoms, positive industry, productivity, creativity, and goodwill. Within the framework of the united States of America exists a lawful system of governance bringing forward an invitation to think freely and critically, express thought, debate and discuss, and to govern responsibly. The Constitution for the United States of America and it’s supporting documents are often considered a framework named the law of the land and America should keep debating, discussing, questioning and working towards peaceable resolution for its variable economic environment.

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