Thursday, April 6, 2023

Electric Cars, Gas Cars and Energy Bars

I shared this video ahead of my write up as a reminder of some thoughts and ideas it inspired. Upon first impression, I like their approach. It makes sense to evaluate markets and geographical areas to see what resources are available. Depending on what is discovered, applying strategies for the use of available resources may also assist with investment in and development of communities and surrounding areas. It may also be revelatory to have a good awareness of geographical yields in raw materials, energy stability, labor skills, labor trades and educational standards. As far as modern living goes, we can look back and see societal contributions of energy sources such as coal, oil and gas. We could surely debate on pluses and minuses; nevertheless, data can be examined independently and evaluated. While we have electric cars today, I personally don't think we should be so quick to abandon older tech that has brought us this far. Going forward, I do think internal combustion engines will get to show their greater potential for viability and longevity. Energy is all around, it isn't this or that, it's not a one size fits all solution. We look to energy for stability, availabilty, versatility, practicality, and its repeatability for our benefit. It's almost like government; it doesn't have to be red team or blue team, Democrat or Republican. In likeness to different forms of energy working towards mutual benefit, people from various walks of life will likely be needed to work within a framework of government without abandoning the old framework. Scripture tells us, blessed are the peacemakers, not warmongers. Many regions accross earth have vast capabilities. Can we use our energies to effect positive mutual benefit within our regions and beyond?

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