Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Undeniable, Undefiable and Totally Appliable

A quick thought on built in simplicity.

Many may ask. What does the title have to do with what is being written in this short post? If you are asking such a question, great, you're asking a question. Some time ago in my not so far away past, I remember a song about being a simple kind of man. Simple kinda man, is my kinda song. It's a song reminding me of one of mans allegedly simple yet an often daunting task. A song resonating with trials and emphasising substance for our mission as males, a mission of finding a suitable female wife or as sripture says, a helpmeet. The song inspires and conveys a sense of great importance to what may be considered one of mans many challenges throughout life. A challenge of finding a wife to love and care fore, and build a family together. I personally believe this is still a males single greatest task while on earth, and to expand on what simple kinda man suggests, I'd simply add what scripture suggests, and scripture suggests to be fruitful and multiply.

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